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Ven. Jampa Kunchog taught on the tenets of Buddhism at Thosum Gephelling Institute.

Ven. Jampa lectured from texts that he has translated.


Khensur Rinpoche Jampa Tegchok : A Special Visit

Khensur Rinpoche Jampa Tegchok, came to Thosum Gephelling Institute from July 3rd through July 7th, 2007


Geshe Tsulga SPOKE ON: “Impermanence”
For twenty years Geshe Tsulga had been teaching Buddhism to western students. He was a highly educated Tibetan lama with a warm heart and glowing smile. He was at TGI on Saturday January 12th to teach on the subject of impermanence. How do we make the most of this precious life that we have? How do we improve our minds? How do we think and what do we do about the ever changing nature of the present with respect to the future? The age old questions of life and death were spoken about with this renowned and most beloved Tibetan Buddhist Master.